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Thread: United changing MileagePlus program and not for the better

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    United changing MileagePlus program and not for the better

    Basically, for most people this means you will get half the miles you currently get. They are basing it on ticket price, not distance. Maybe it isn't as bad for those on short flights but it is definitely a decrease all around.

    I heard Delta also went with a similar plan? They list a calculator on the site. The change doesn't go into effect until March. Although United is my preferred airline, I don't see a reason for it to be after this change.
    MileagePlus Updates
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    I don't fly enough for miles to mean anything to me, but it seems like most of the airlines are trying their best these days to lose as many customers as possible. Not the best business plan, but what do I know...
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    The only mileage plan that I know of that's actually gotten better in recent months is Alaska. They aren't in any alliance, but they do have a motley crew of 'partners' where you can accrue miles on your Alaska account. Until early this year, though, you could accrue partner miles for spending but not for MVP status--but now that's changed, and you can (with only a few exceptions) accrue partner miles for MVP qualification. You do have to score more partner miles than Alaska miles for equivalent status, but not by very much. So Alaska is now very much my go-to frequent flier plan.

    (I ditched United, where I've been a 1K member for years now, when they went to 'dollars spent' system for qualifying for status--which requires the traveler to put 'partner' airline tickets onto ultra-pricey United ticket-stock. No way it's worth that!! So now I'm no longer tethered to traveling United at all--which is fine given the race-to-the-service-bottom that they've adopted as a business model.)
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