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    One week in France Synapse 25 for a girl

    This is Ilkyway: I have tinkered with this thread so much that I would like to leave it as it is now.
    The likes given here in this very post stay with melhoune of cause. Here was the exact same content as shown in the second post. Thank you all for yout tips and paitans. It turned out that the titel of the thread was too long.

    GREAT POST melhoune and very welcome to the forum!

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    I知 going next week to France visiting my family for a week, and I値l be going with my Synapse 25 and my Side Effect as a hand-bag. Although I知 going for a week only, I would not pack differently if I had to travel for a full month, or if I was going anywhere else in Europe. This is more or less my packing list for a standard European trip in spring.

    Type of travelling :
    - Staying mainly in the city,
    - Staying with relatives (which has a small impact on what I bring),
    - Want to look nice (dressed like at home) and not like a ォ tourist サ (if you know what I mean),
    - No hiking activities planned BUT I plan to do some running,
    - Flying with Easy jet One bag restriction but no limit on weight.
    - Weather in June in France : supposed to be super nice ; but somehow this year it gets tricky , and for next week there will be rainy days with max 21 degrees C, and sunny days with 29 degrees C.

    Clothes :
    - 1 pair of black jeans (which are not really jeans, more like strech trousers ; the one I have is from St Oliver 膨oton but it dries in a few hours),
    - 1 pair of nice-looking short (not the hiking style) (in coton, from Esprit),
    - 1 black dress (Villa dress from Icebreaker),
    - 1 leggings so I can still wear my shorts and dress if it gets chilly (coton, Tom Taylor),
    - 3 tops : 2 made of merino (1 Icebreaker, which I also use for running ; 1 Finisterre UK) and 1 in super thin coton, that dries very fast (Esprit)
    - 3 pairs of sock including 1 suitable for running,
    - 1 short for running (Dart shorts, Icebreaker) ; I also use it for sleeping,
    - 3 underwear (fast drying),
    - 2 bras (one normal, 1 suitable for sport)
    - 1 tank (for sleeping ; and as an extra layer if it gets chilly or as only layer if super warm ☺ )
    - 1 swimming suit,
    - 1 scarf + some kind of hair band which I use as a hat when it gets sunny,
    - as a ォ jacket サ : the bliss wrap from Icebreaker.

    A picture which does not show underwear/socks:swimming suit/Bliss wrap:
    One week in France Synapse 25 for a girl-clothes-light-jpg

    Shoes :
    - 1 pair low boots (very confortable Decathlon)
    - 1 pair Sandal (good enough to walk around Kickers)
    - And running shoes.
    One week in France Synapse 25 for a girl-shoes-light-jpg

    Hygiene :
    - Make-up (eye-liner, mascara),
    - Earings and necklace,
    - Face-washing cloth (it also removes make up),
    - Face cream,
    - Tooth brush and tooth paste,
    - Mini-Parfume,
    - Mini-Deodorant (from Primal Pit paste the best deodorant ever),
    - Mini sun blocker,
    - Comb and goodies for my hair,
    I was my hair once a week/every 10 days, so no shampoo specifically to this trip (one-week trip).

    Other items :
    - an umbrella,
    - an empty plastic bottle (which I値l fill in the airport once I go through security and bag checking),
    - a notebook and papers I need for personal work.,
    - charger for my phone,
    - the thing to put my phone on my arm when I run,
    - sunglasses + box,
    - A ultra-light stuff sack (sea-to-summit) which I値l use as laundry bag.
    I would usually bring a book or my e-reader but I 僧 going to my home country, with bookshops in my native language everywhere I 鼠l buy a book when I arrive !

    Hand-bag - just the usual stuff :
    - ID,
    - Phone, - which I値l use as my camera, internet access etc.
    - Earplugs,
    - Toothpicks,
    - Pen,
    - Booknote,
    - Moleskine adress book,
    - Tissues,
    - Money and Visa card.
    I bring a hand bag because I really dislike keeping important stuff in my backpack. The SE fits very well in the Synapse 25 and with Easy Jet rules, I値l have to put it in my Synapse when I pass security (they allow ONE bag only).

    I would usually pack a jacket (I have a super leightweight rain jacket) but I decided not to. I知 taking an umbrella, as rain is planned for the first 2 days of my stay. In case I change my mind I could still take my jacket and wear it on the plane.

    I was first planning to take my computer (Mac book 15in) AND it actually fits. But in the end I have decided not to.

    And that痴 it. A picture showing it all:
    - Underwear, socks, swimming suit in the Ultraviolet stuff sack.
    One week in France Synapse 25 for a girl-overview-light-jpg

    And ready to be put in the S25:
    - clothes in a sea-to-summit ultra-light packing cubes,
    - shoes in different bags (I do have the Eagle creek shoe bags but they are too big for a backpack - I think).
    One week in France Synapse 25 for a girl-prepared-packing-light-jpg

    The whole weight is 6.05 kg (213.4 oz) and this is how it looks on me - I'm tall - 1m80 (= 5'11 isn't?)
    One week in France Synapse 25 for a girl-my-back_light-jpg

    What I would pack differently, if I was going anywhere else in Europe (not visiting family) for a holiday in Spring whatever the lenght of the trip :
    - I would take low-hiking shoes instead of running shoes, and wear them while travelling,
    - Leave the boots behind and take flip-flop instead,
    - I would pack my light-weight rain jacket and leave the umbrella at home,
    - I would take a travelling towel ,
    - Swich my Icebreaker bliss wrap against my light-weight microfleece (which I wear in the plane),
    - Pack the EagleCreek foldable daypack,
    - Take a book/ e-reader,
    - Bring my soap+shampoo.
    So as a summary, make it more ォ sporty サ (as I usually do hikes when I go on holidays).
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    Yes you managed to make it work! Thanks a lot Ilkyway and the great Tom Bihn crew

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    Great pictures! I aspire to be this type of traveler... Thanks for sharing!

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    @melhoune great post and packing list! I love the S25 for this kind of travel because it's just so easy and comfortable for me moving through airports and cities with a compact bag--and yet, it still holds everything I need.

    What is the top you are wearing in the photo? I really like the ruched (I think I spelled that wrong) detail down the side, and the length of it.
    "When action grows unprofitable, gather information; when information grows unprofitable, sleep."
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    Thank you, Ilkyway! It was worth the wait. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! elisa

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    Welcome Melboune,
    What a fantastic post! Great packing list. Did you include the clothes you were wearing in the list above? Just curious.

    I like that you included the "type of trip" comments. That "sporty" option was very helpful, too. Did you weight the bag when you were done packing? elisa

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathryn View Post
    What is the top you are wearing in the photo? I really like the ruched (I think I spelled that wrong) detail down the side, and the length of it.
    Thanks Kathryn! This is a dress I bought a few years ago in the Netherlands (where I now live). I'm for a week in France, so I have no clue what the brand is, but I'll check upon my return. I love that dress too, and I used to wear it a LOT (now mostly at home because it is a bit worn out). You are right, there is some very nice and original sewing effect on the side. Regarding length, it is just too short to wear on its own; but I mostly wear dresses on top of trousers anyway.

    @AlaskaGirl: actually on the picture where you see everything before packing it, what I'm wearing (while travelling) is what appears on the left of the picture: the grey boots, the black trouser, one T-shirt, the Icebreaker cardigan and my blue scarf. I realize now that in the first version of the post I had written that, but somehow I lost that sentence in my effort to try to post my text My bag, fully packed, was a little bit more than 6 kg. I did remove the umbrella in the end, and packed a long sleeve T-shirt instead (as it was cold on my day of departure). And now here of course it is 30 degrees (C) (=very warm), so it will be quite useless.

    Thanks for your nice feedbacks
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