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    Packing the A30 for the first time

    I posted earlier about my packing and deciding between the Aeronaut 30 and Aeronaut 45 for a 12 day, 5 city trip. In the end I think the A30 is easier for me to carry and decided to go with that. This is a trip to Zurich (one day, about 60 degrees F now), and Israel (in the 70's and 80's F). So it is easier than if I was packing for cold weather.

    Here is the A30 with everything inside.

    Packing the A30 for the first time-packed-img_0047-sm-jpg

    Packing the A30 for the first time-unpacked-img_0052-sm-jpg


    Left pocket - Nordic packing cube shoulder bag. This is for ready access on my flight. It has leggings and T-shirt for sleeping, eye mask, ear plugs, tissues, and a fleece lined stuff sack that can be filled with clothes and turned into a pillow.

    Right pocket: Wasabi stuff sack with my Ziploc bag of toiletries. UV cube with some other items.

    Main compartment:
    Zippered mesh pocket: immersion heater and a very lightweight bag for dirty clothes.
    Bottom of bag: black dyneema daylight backpack for use during the trip
    A30 large packing cube: clothes, including a few short sleeved shirts, a light sweater, pants, and a skirt
    Iberian stuff sack: underwear and socks (merino)
    Small white Eagle Creek bag: quick-dry towels and powdered laundry soap
    Clear Wasabi 3D cube with snacks, tea, vitamins and pills
    Grey Northface toiletry bag
    Green dry bag for clothes washing

    Not shown is my Pilot, which will hold:
    * New iPhone 6, with Verizon card. I will use it for texting in Switzerland (if needed) for one day and then take out the Verizon SIM
    * Old iPhone 5, as a backup. This has an Israeli SIM card that is good for voice and data, and I will probably transfer the SIM to the iPhone 6 once I arrive. Both phones are theoretically unlocked, but I know for sure the iPhone 5 is, having used it for two years. So it gets to come along .
    * Kindle paperwhite
    * Chargers, in a clear 3D cube
    * Various pockets to hold the electronics safely, some from REI and some from Tom Bihn
    * A printed booklet outlining my itinerary, directions to the places I'm staying, etc. This is available on the phones but I like having an analog backup.
    * Journal and pens (more analog stuff)
    * Canon G16 camera
    * Side Effect with my wallet, tiny flashlight, whistle, passport, lip balm
    * Doctor Who wallet acquired from Etsy, which has some shekels and some dollars. I prefer keeping my money separate from my cards and passport.
    * Second flashlight. I love flashlights
    * 3D cube with tiny bits of toiletries that I want access to while flying or in the Zurich airport
    * Klean canteen mug with VIA packs (coffee)
    * Jackery charger for my iPhone, which I lost, stayed up to midnight searching for by moving all the furniture, going through all my drawers, and basically turning into a madwoman, and then found in the bottom of my Co-Pilot this morning.

    Obligatory photo of disgruntled pet:

    Packing the A30 for the first time-cat-img_0049-sm-jpg

    Not shown: A tiny checked shoulder bag with gifts, and a pocket knife which will make a one-way journey there and get gifted to someone at the end of my stay. I have never done that before but I really can't stand not having a knife. I chose the one I am the least fond of for this mission. The bag (also one of my least favorites) will also be given away because it would be annoying to carry around. I'll be taking trains and buses everywhere since I planned the trip myself, and two bags is more than enough.

    I also have a 2nd pair of shoes, not mentioned above. I'm wearing light sneakers with socks and taking sandals, which are dressy enough to wear with the skirt but also comfy for long days of walking. They are my favorites, made by Jambu.
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    Great post! Your cat is gorgeous!

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    I agree - very useful and great photos too. Quick question about the pocket knife - several years ago I stopped carrying one; it was during the time when they were not allowed on any commercial flights, and I realized mine had not been removed from my carry-on bag, so I volunteered it at the gate to the security agents, and they said it could not be returned. Goodbye little Leatherman. Are we now allowed to carry small pocket knives? They are useful for travel, cutting off bag tags, etc.

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    Packing the A30 for the first time

    No, they are not allowed! I checked it; in fact, only my very smallest bag was checked. I am going to give away the knife at the end if my trip because I don't want to carry the bag around, so there will be no way to checkout on the way back. I would rather give it to my final airbnb host, if they want it, than security.

    And no, it is not a TB bag. It is a cheap disposable one.
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    I'm so excited you're getting the chance to go back to Israel, bchaplin! I so enjoyed our conversations when I went. I wish you the best, and take great care while you're there. The situation still breaks my heart.

    Thanks for the packing list and the pictures. I'm thinking seriously about an A30 as well. I love my A45 and see where the A30 could be useful also.

    Your kitty could be my kitty's twin! He/she is beautiful!

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    Hello there: I really was so persuaded by this post to try the A30. I got it today but having a hard time packing it. Can you post a detailed list of what you packed in your A30 packing cube (clothes list)? The rest seems easy. I tried putting in one large packing cube with clothes; but I can't fit much else on top. I can't get the PCSB into the outside pocket. I don't know if the A30 I have is defective..which I highly doubt---or if it is something else I must do!

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