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    TB bags on a bus

    Hey, TB'ers,

    I am thinking about a return trip to the Middle East next year. When I went last year, I did one long-distance bus trip in Israel (Egged), and we all stowed our luggage under the vehicle. Because I had a rollerbag, I didn't have any qualms about leaving it there.

    I'm curious, for those of you have traveled with an Aeronaut or other soft-sided bag, how do you handle it in a situation like that? Just throw the bag in the luggage area and hope for the best? It's probably fine, but of course the area isn't all that clean. The cabin space was very limited.

    So for those of you who have done long-distance bus travel with your TB bags, I'd be happy to hear from you.


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    I know very well the under storage of the Egged bus system, and you are right to be concerned.
    (On a plane, I don't even set my co-pilot on the floor in front of me without first setting it into a Shop Bag - u never know what yucky stuff is lurking there or who needed to make a quick exit of their lunch! - they barely have time to surface clean the plane let alone do spot shampooing)

    On first thought I would do a double bagging of a pack sack such as these,
    Sea to Summit - Outdoor, Travel and Backpacking Gear
    Apply it to one side then the other. They roll/stuff to the size of an expresso cup.
    It could also slow someone down from unzipping your bag if u are last in line.

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    Thanks, Trailhiker!
    It has actually been a very long time since I took a Greyhound in the U.S., but I think they have some overhead storage. I do not remember this on the Egged bus. I don't know how it is in other countries.

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    Greyhound US and Canada both have some overhead storage on their buses. My Western Flyer will fit there but I have to pack carefully as the opening are small. If I'm traveling with a roller bag, (less and less likely) I will stow it in the under bus luggage. If not it goes either overhead or under my seat.
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    Thought I'd bump this up since I've had some recent experience. I just went from Boston to New York by Greyhound and my Tristar, packed for a four-night trip, fit beautifully in the overhead. If it were overstuffed, it might be difficult, but I was nowhere near that point and I would feel perfectly comfortable planning to put it in the overhead for a weeklong trip (or even longer if I were doing laundry). I even had a longish raincoat in there.

    I felt smug, I admit!

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