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Thread: When you love things too much...

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    When you love things too much...

    ....its big panic when you loose them.

    I left behind my knitting pouch today (in plum) which I use as my pencil case in my MCB at an office meeting.
    Shock horror when I discovered it missing when I did grocery shopping!!!! Panic!! I drove straight back to the venue and begged the security to open up so I could look for my lost precious.
    Which he did, but nothing could be found...I was soooooo sad! Drove to the office after (I am working in the field, not the office) and nope....nothing.
    I was told its OK, its JUST a pencil case....I told them its NOT just a pencil case its TOM BIHN!
    Then a collegue walked in and said...pencil case...? This one...?
    OH the JOY! I got my precious back! Nobody really could understand why I was so anxious....bless their ignorance.

    How many of you had "near misses" before?

    I have to admit my unconscious (or semi conscious) mind I was already planning an order to replace it and to add stuff to make shipping worthwile...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vivelly View Post
    ....its big panic when you loose them.
    On a related note, I also love my Punch/Steel SCB *way* too much. I normally put my stuff on the floor if it's carpeted, including my cafe bags if they are dark-coloured. But my Punch SCB always sits on my lap or inside my S19. If I must, I inspect table and chair surfaces before putting it down. Why? Well, firstly it's my much longed-for and favourite TB colour (and the combination with Steel is KILLER!). Second, I got it for free, so it's a treasured reminder of how generous and good people can be. Third, it took some effort and TLC to get it back to its original blindingly pink glory as it was a little grubby at first. Now I can't bear to see it get dirty

    As a side note, I love Punch. You see all those people with Aubergine everything? Well, I would get ALL the Punch bag-like objects if I could, and anyone who knows me will tell you I'm anything but girly! I know it's probably a "too much" colour for most people, but if I could walk around campus carrying a Punch BB and SCB like a giant beacon of neon pinkness, I would.
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    I am so glad you got it back! That is so lucky!! I've had a couple false alarms, but thankfully the clip system really helps me keep everything together.
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    While this hasn't happened to me in real life (knock on wood), I've had dreams about losing TB bags. The most recent being two days ago... In my dream, I had to unexpectedly board a plane to depart from my current location. It wasn't until I was mid-flight that I realized I'd left my precious TB bag (I think it was a DLBP in Burnt Orange... not even a bag I own IRL) in my hotel room. I wasn't at all concerned about the contents, but I was devastated that I had been separated from my precious TB bag. I woke up in a slight panic until I realized it was, in fact, just a dream.
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