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Thread: Bose headphones question

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    Bose headphones question

    I have used Bose QuietComfort 15 noise cancelling headphones when I travel for the past 7 or 8 years or so, and I love them. Despite how comfortable they are to wear, I find they are a bit bulky to transport, so I have started looking at the newer QuietComfort 20i in-ear model. I am curious if anyone here has transitioned from the 15 to the 20, and if so, do you have positive or negative feedback you would be willing to share.

    If there is already a thread about this, I would be grateful for a link instead. I found a thread about people looking at alternative cases for their 15s, but I could not find one directly comparing the 2 models...though it is possible I did not use the right search combination.

    Thank you!

    ETA: My primary use for these headphones is for their noise blocking capabilities. I am not as concerned about having perfect music sound quality.
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    I made the transition and I would not go back! The in-ear buds are a fraction of the size and weight (obviously) and the noise cancelling performance is at least as good IMHO. If you can tolerate wearing earbuds I wouldn't hesitate.

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    I have a set of the older bose non-noise canceling headphone and the qc20i. Both are comfortable but the qc20i are my favorite. They take up much less space, are very light, are comfortable and cancel the ambient noise very well. I think if you find earbuds comfortable you will like them. They do come with 3 different sized fittings.
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    I agree with JLE and flaneuse. I have had both and prefer the 20i. I am giving the qc15 to my brother.

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    I never had the Bose headphones, but did have some Sony and Phillips models. I bought the 20i earphones and they are well worth it. Light, comfortable and excellent NC capabilities. A great investment, especially for long flights.

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    I preferred over-the ear can headphones (um, not Bose), and got the 20i for Christmas. Wow - they are amazing. I didn't think the 20i's would be comfortable for me, but I loved them for Rome/Paris trip. Won't leave home without them now! And they fit in my SE with the Nexus, no trouble. Got so tired of jamming a massive set of headphones into my carryon.

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    I agree with everyone..I never had the 15, but I have the 20, in ear headphones and they are amazing. I needed noise cancelling headphones to drown out my ever fighting teenage daughters and the rowdy budgies for some sane moments of music and quiet bliss...and golly they work a treat! The sound is amazing too...and you can hardly feel them in your ear. I often get sore ears with the headphones that go into the ear canal, but these ones sit above your ear and they stay there too. No putting back fallen out headphones.
    Just a warning..dont switch them on when you sit in a car and slam the door shut. It gives a supersonic BOOM that will rattle you. lol Otherwise I can highly recommend them...oh and when you finish using them its easy to forget to switch off the noise cancelling...that will run the battery empty. But otherwise I cannot say a bad word about them. My most priced possession (apart from my TB collection of course) the Bose Mini Soundlink is great too.

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