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    Quote Originally Posted by Lani View Post
    backpack.... Mrs. Doubtfire...

    hahahahaha OK that gave me the giggles. I hope you have better luck than accidentally catching your apron on fire! ^_^
    Dear Lani, Stop making fun of my cooking skills!

    My girls are real but I have to be very careful with stovetops, cooking time (if burn pans could talk, they'll testify to this ) and the whole business of putting ingredient together.

    I am learning an healthy way of cooking with fresh and primary ingredient which takes me out of "Worse cooks in America" but right in and out of "Hell's Kitchen" in 3 seconds flat, because I am a slow and deliberate cook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdfeeder View Post
    Here's my travel make-up: 2.5 oz. container of SPF face cream, lip balm (such as Burt's Bees), and a small tube of cover-up (it looks like a tan lipstick). My husband still thinks I take a lot of "junk". You can't win ... I'm going to have him watch that video. Maybe he'll appreciate my "junk" a little more.
    Dear Birdfeeder, next time pack a Speedo in his luggage and a swim trunk in yours.

    He will have the choice of going out with the first item or answer questions about the "junk" you bring to get his swim trunk.

    Alternative, he gets the swim truck and you show him the smaller alternative which is the equivalent of the minimum travel makeup setup you are bringing.

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    [QUOTE]I'm about to place my order at Yes to Carrots/QUOTE]

    Darbs, My local Target carries a small selection of Yes to products. I know they carry the lip balms, tints, and glosses. I'm not sure about the sunblock.

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