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    Jul 2013
    Lani--my four year old daughter saw your picture and asked if we could go to your house to draw with you since you have "magic rainbow pens!"

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    Feb 2014
    Mont Blanc Starwalker. Don't use anything else.

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    Feb 2013
    +1 for Rotring mechanical drafting pencils... I recommend and use the Rotring 800. It'll last a lifetime and looks good too!

    As for pens, I have a bunch of titanium pens mostly from crowdfunded sources... some from Prometheus WRITES - Prometheus Writes and some from and one from Pens | Fellhoelter Knives. They are all unique in some way shape or form but what I like about them is that they are mostly compatible with a lot of different pen refills. Right now my preference for pen refills are mont blanc in pacific blue fineliner or ballpoint.

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    Connecticut, USA
    I too love fountain pens. For a daily user at work, I use my Pilot Vanishing Point (Black Carbonesque - Medium Nib)

    For weekend pocket carry and travel, I love my new little Kaweco Liliput (Fine Nib)

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    Cambridge, UK
    Ooh, pen porn *lol*

    I have a small but beloved collection of fountain pens - we had to use them for homework, but somehow I fell in love with them anyway
    Work EDC: SE + S19 + DLBC
    Leisure: SCBs, MCBs, FJN, Swift, lots of YSSs
    Travel: WF + Pilot or SA, both with SE/SCB
    General organisation: More pouches, stuff sacks and cubes than you can shake a keystrap at!
    Favourite TB colours: aubergine, forest (sniff!), linen, wasabi, UV
    Hoping for: A new dyneema colour for YSSs; a Linen Side Effect; the return of Portable Culture!

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    This article is a little old, just got around to reading it in my reader. Thought you all would enjoy it though

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