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Thread: Laptop Graffiti

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    Wink Laptop Graffiti

    Over the years, b/c of traveling, I've often put stickers
    on my laptops and other gear, such as radios. Stickers
    are a good way to discourage others from stealing your
    stuff since stickers reduce the street value of an item.

    This blog posting is a fine example of this technique.

    Today, I have 2 TB stickers on my laptop.
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    That's a good tip. Tom had stickers on his 12" PB that were grippy - provided a nice, solid grip when pulling the laptop out of a bag and also probably reduced its street value.
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    then the street value on my lappy is probably nill, considering the number of stickers on it( mostly advertising things I approve of) yes there's the tom bihn sticker from last holiday season on it

    here's a pic from elsewhere int he forum

    What a surprise!
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