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  1. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by Darcy On thread : Love Taza on one bag travel abroad with littles
    No checked bags, no rolling luggage, and just one Aeronaut each for two weeks in Italy with their family of four. Read the full post -- Traveling Abroad With Littles -- over at Love Taza. ...
    Liked On: 02-05-2013, 07:25 AM
  2. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by Miking On thread : Help me pick an Aeronaut color!
    What I think of every time I see a Aubergine/Wasabi bag, so if your husband doesn't want to look like he skinned PBS's lovable anthropomorphic t-rex when he borrows your bag the steel/wasabi is a...
    Liked On: 01-10-2013, 09:07 AM
  3. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by Len On thread : My Western Flyer Review and Packing List
    Once or twice a month, I do something that a lot of folks think is crazy. I wake up way too early, drive to the airport, and fly 2500 miles to San Francisco (where many of my clients are). I spend...
    Liked On: 01-10-2013, 08:51 AM
  4. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by MLW On thread : Aeronaut as roller derby gear bag
    I've never posted anything like this before, but since I've gotten so much great information on the TB forums over the past year, I thought I might help someone out in a situation that is similar to...
    Liked On: 12-13-2012, 08:37 AM
  5. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by Badger On thread : Non-shopping-related Black Friday activities
    Okay, here's my shameful confession for the day: I make cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner, but for the Epic Sandwiches, we use jellied cranberry sauce from a can. The kind you slice into...
    Liked On: 11-26-2012, 05:30 AM
  6. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by LauraA On thread : My beautiful new SYNAPSE arrived today! I "practice packed" it for a two week trip!
    My beautiful Iberian Synapse arrived, and (even though I had been warned) I was shocked at how small it looked. I decided to try "practice packing" for my trip in May. I'm going to Seattle and NYC,...
    Liked On: 11-04-2012, 11:30 AM
  7. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by jwwarren On thread : Tom Bihn: The Early History
    I was amused to see the references on the Tom Bihn blog to “Mary (”—who had mentioned that her kids went to school with Tom. The Mary in question is my mother,...
    Liked On: 11-02-2012, 07:19 AM
  8. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by plume On thread : TriStar for 10 day Trip?
    I'll add my "yes." I recently used my Western Flyer for a 9-day trip to England and packed for no washing (it was a romantic trip, and I didn't want wet clothes hanging around). Granted, I have...
    Liked On: 11-01-2012, 08:21 AM
  9. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by Frank II On thread : TriStar for 10 day Trip?
    The key is how you pack. Saying how long the trip is means nothing. The question is how many days of clothes are you packing? If packing for a ten days, then no, you will have a hard time unless...
    Liked On: 11-01-2012, 08:19 AM
  10. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by papids2000 On thread : The Westerns Flyers Packed and Ready to Go
    We are taking a 12 day tour of Europe starting 1st week in October. We will be traveling light so we are only taking the Western Flyers plus the backpack packing and shoulder cubes as daypacks. ...
    Liked On: 10-17-2012, 08:51 PM
  11. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by MagicTiki On thread : A Tiki and his Empire Builder (a Bihn-Tiki?)
    (I believe it was posted on Facebook a few weeks ago... reposting here by request!) About a month ago I ordered an Empire Builder, which has since become my best daily work companion. At the...
    Liked On: 10-13-2012, 12:20 PM
  12. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by Janine On thread : Hello, DC!
    Lessons learned from my trip to DC: 1. Watch the weather in your destination carefully in the days before you travel. I packed exactly the right clothing and I was ridiculously proud of myself for...
    Liked On: 10-10-2012, 08:31 PM
  13. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by Janine On thread : Dyneema Synapse
    That may help, as long as it was man-paper at a reasonable speed. Not...suddenly.
    Liked On: 10-10-2012, 05:12 PM
  14. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by GEOcycle On thread : TB Anticipation Syndrome
    I'm not even waiting on anything for the time being ... but sometimes I just feel like this:
    Liked On: 10-06-2012, 07:41 AM
  15. pocketsize
    pocketsize liked post by Janine On thread : Anyone own both a Kindle and an iPad? Need advice
    This is my new favorite phrase!
    Liked On: 10-04-2012, 01:34 PM
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