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    Security Update! Good Time To Change Passwords


    We recently experienced -- and fixed! -- a minor security issue with the Forums (our first, to the best of my recollection!) It mostly effected new, unregistered people who tried to visit our Forums through a link in a search engine: instead of being taken to our Forums, they were redirected to other sites that rather rudely wanted to increase their own traffic by misleading folks.

    Though no user data was accessed or compromised, we feel it would be wise to recommend that everyone change their passwords, just in case.

    So! Change your passwords. Make 'em good and secure ones. Questions?
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    Our Forum Rules and Guidelines

    Hey everyone!

    We kindly ask that you read the following Forum Rules and Guidelines:

    1) Feel free to lurk or jump right in with a question or comment. You may, however, want to use the Search function first to see if your question has already been answered, or if there's a thread already started on the topic that you had wanted to discuss.

    2) Linking to and discussing other bag manufacturers in the right context is perfectly acceptable. If you're trying to decide between different brands of bags, or if you need to ask a whether a different manufacturers bag or accessory will work with a TOM BIHN bag, feel free to discuss or link. Posting a review or starting a discussion strictly about another manufacturers product is best kept to that particular manufacturers forum or website. We try to stay as on-topic as possible, and the topic here is TOM BIHN bags. Speaking of which: TOM BIHN only builds our own original designs and styles, so you needn't bother posting a link to a different manufacturer's design and suggesting that we make it too. It's just not something we do: at TOM BIHN, we make our own designs, which come from our own inspiration. And we assure you: that keeps us plenty busy.

    3) Selling your TOM BIHN bag directly through these forums is not allowed. Sites such as eBay and craigslist are set up specifically to handle such transactions and we are not.

    4) Be friendly and polite to your fellow forum members. But we don't need to tell you that: all of you are already awesome.

    5) If there is a post that you feel needs our attention -- say, something inappropriate, a missed question that needs an answer, or if you see an awesome photo or bag review that should be posted on our blog -- feel free to private message or email us with a link to the Forum thread in question. We read the Forums regularly, but it's possible for us to miss posts or threads when we're busy doing other stuff, like making bags.

    6) Have something you'd like to share with the TOM BIHN Forums community that isn't related to bags? Post it in our Not About Bags forum.

    7) Last but not least: keep doing what you're doing. We love reading your posts and appreciate your thoughtful responses to other members questions, feedback, sense of humor, and general coolness.
    We're here to post friendly reminders of the TOM BIHN Forums Rules and Guidelines.

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