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Thread: ...get stains out of Dyneema?

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    ...get stains out of Dyneema?

    I took my almost-brand-new S25 (2 months old) grocery shopping and apparently something leaked, because there is now a big, yucky grease stain on the inside. The lining is wasabi Dyneema, and now the white lines are sort of gone. It's on the inside of the bag only, so I guess I shouldn't be upset, but...

    Dish soap and water haven't worked, nor have baby wipes, which are surprisingly effective on many things. Any other ideas?

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    I had a bottle of Argan oil leak in one of mine. I was able to get it spotless with Dawn dish soap (best dish soap to break up grease) and OxyClean stain remover. I washed by hand in hot water and hung outside to dry.
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    This is a perfectly timed thread. I have a stain on the gray material covering the inner pocket hems of my copilot - my tinted lip balm fell and marked it.

    I will try Dawn at home. @Abby I hope yours comes out. I know that sense of disappointment at a new bag getting its first ding.

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    Greasy stains (and ballpoint pen, for that matter) can be taken care of with Goop. It's a very mild but effective grease cutter designed to be a hand soap for folks that break engines down and get their hands very, very dirty and greasy. You rub it into the stained area--no water first--and vigorously massage it into the fabric. Then wash as usual--hand wash if it's a Tom Bihn bag, or machine wash for run of the mill items. It almost always works, and if it doesn't, it's never harmed anything I've used it on. (I used it on a ballistic WF that I had to check on the way back from someplace, and the airline hold left it with several black greasy marks. Came out looking good as new.)

    You can get Goop at an auto parts store, and nowadays at many grocery stores and drug stores. I always keep a tub or tube of it around our laundry room.
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