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Thread: Q-AM Strap and Pilot / CoPilot

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    Q-AM Strap and Pilot / CoPilot

    Hi everyone

    Has anyone linked together a pilot and the Q-AM shoulder strap?

    I love both pieces and wonder if they "go great together"?

    If you have - what was your trick?


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    I haven't rigged it with a Q-AM strap, but I did once try to rig it with a Messenger Stabilizer. It worked! I just didn't like how it looked. I prefer to use the Messenger Stabilizer on my cafe bags, as they're intended.
    Seriously, like, so much Nordic Dyneema I don't even know what to do with myself anymore. They will bury me in it. "Where's Mom's urn? WHERE DID YOU GUYS PUT THE SYNAPSE 19 WITH MOM'S ASHES?"

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    Do you pack your Pilot fully? I'm thinking it might be a little boxy if you're planning to wear it tightened up on your back.
    Off hand, what I can think of is, metal snap hooks and tri-glides to convert the free ends of the webbing on the Q-AM strap into a snap hook attachment. The conversion should allow you to hook up the pilot. The parts are available on the accessories page, under "parts".
    ETA: the metal snap hooks are pretty solid and hefty, for a lighter but less elegant, and perhaps less secure method, I'm thinking the bigger triangle hooks might work, those are made of plastic, available on the same page.
    ETA2: the triangle hooks have the closed off slots, they should be more secure than I originally thought.
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    I agree with icebeng on how to convert the Q-AM to hook on to the Pilot/Co-Pilot. The metal snap hooks that TB sells are the same as for the Absolute Shoulder Strap - that should give you an idea on how they look. You can also get the basic strap plastic snap hooks from an outdoor store that sells parts like that (in Canada, we have MEC. In the USA, perhaps REI). I really like the TB triangle hook option that icebeng mentioned too.

    The issue is if you want to use the stabilizer strap from the Q-AM. There is no place for it to hook onto the bottom corner of the Pilot / Co-Pilot. The Q-AM strap works on TB bags that have a waist strap attachment (e.g. the Ego or Ristretto or Café bags). Please also note that to use the stabilizer strap, you need to have available a TB waist strap - 1.5" wide, I believe (for reference, the Ristretto stabilizer strap is 1" wide).

    Even without the bottom connection, you could still use the stabilizer strap but it would not be optimal. I believe Ilkyway had what I thought was a great solution - hook the other end to a belt loop - see her post in this thread - Smaller sized body hugging bag. You can also hook it back again to the shoulder strap attachment point on the bag.
    I have a Co-Pilot (no Pilot yet) and a Q-AM strap but have never tried them together (a bit of overkill for a Co-Pilot IMHO ... but if it is packed to the gills, the weight may justify the bigger strap). I think the Q-AM would make more sense on a Pilot. If I get some time, I can try the setup and post a few pics if you want.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi everyone - thank you for the replies. I think I'll be ordering a few parts from Tom on my next order (depending what's announced next month) and try this out.

    I like the QAM on my large cafe and imago. For my body and when not too tightly packed, this might work well for the pilot

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