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    Empire Builder or Zephyr? Size comparison?

    I am trying to choose between the Empire Builder and Zephyr. I am worried that the EB is too big. Do I really need such a big bag for carrying my Lenovo X61 tablet PC around?

    Here is the dilemma -- with the standard battery the PC will fit in a size 5 Horizontal Brain Cell. But with the (preferred) extended battery it needs a size 3! (And a size 3 will *not* fit in a Zephyr!!).

    Do I go with the smaller bag and use the standard battery as the "default" or do I go with the EB?

    Does anyone own both the EB and Zephyr? If so, can you take a couple of photos so I can get a sense of their relative size?

    Any other thoughts/opinions welcome.

    - Tom

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    I have seen the two bags together and will offer my opinion. The main thing that I would say is that the EB has greater depth (front to back). Yes, it is bigger in other dimensions, but when they are next to each other, they look very similar, but not identical, in size (remember I said this is my opinion). If you cannot or do not want a bag smaller than the Zephyr, may need the size of an EB, and like a "shaped" briefcase (read structured, as opposed to a softer shape like the ID) then I would suggest that you consider getting the EB to have the extra space.


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