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    Phone case from Buzz available as accessory for other bags?

    Is there any way you could sell the phone holder on the Buzz as a separate accessory, so that we could attach it to the straps on other bags? It could have some kind of velcro wrap around to attach to the strap.

    Right now I have a Timbuk2 cell phone holder attached to my ID strap that I carry my Treo in:

    I just got an iPhone though, and that case doesn't fit it well. Plus, a Timbuk2 case is clearly not awesome enough for my iPhone, and I want to upgrade to a Tom Bihn one.

    Worth noting is that my phone is in a really nice Incase rubber case, but it barely increases the size. Would the phone still fit well in the Buzz phone holder?:

    I want to get all this sorted out before I make my next order for the new ID upgraded to the nicer straps (yeah, I gave up on the idea of upgrading my older one because the new one looks so nice!)

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    #1: we've fooled around with the removable cell phone pocket but have not figured out a way that really works well. Not yet at least!
    #2: the iPhone will fit in the Buzz cell phone pocket no problem; with the rubber boot it should still fit but I can't guarantee it.

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