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Thread: Cafe Bag Tweaks

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    Cafe Bag Tweaks

    I just recently got a large Cafe Bag, and I really like it. Its basic usefulness is great. A couple of suggestions for tweaks:

    1) A ring inside each upper corner of the zippered front pocket to hang pouches and such.

    2) Inside access to the space between the outside fabric and the inner liner at the back of the bag. This would enable us to insert a foam (or whatever) stiffener if we wanted. If you offered a foam stiffener as an accessory I bet a lot of people would buy one. It could also be used as a place to put a file folder or notebook or whatever. It could be opened/closed with a zipper--same idea as the front pocket. Nothing too fancy, just access.

    Thank you for the great bags, and this forum to interact with with you!


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    What I would love to see is a zippered pocket on the flap.

    I just thought about it while seeing the Zephyr flap.

    Also a row of webbing just like inside the Brain bag with space to insert D-clips, C-clips and Organizer pouches clips.

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    I like the large cafe bag just as it is...simple works best and keeps
    the price down. The large cafe bag is my everyday bag.

    If people keep demanding a more complicated bag with all sorts
    of features, then Tom Bihn will have no choice but to have the
    bags made in Asia like Timbuk2.
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