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    Work-in Laptop Bag
    That should give you some idea... There are plenty of work-in laptop sleeves, but they're not durable. This Tekmod is apparently durable, but it's no Tom Bihn--plus I would like to see some functionable work-in bag that can fit into available Bihn laptop bags. In my opinion, the brain cell is the safest place in the world for a laptop, but why can't there be a work-in solution from Tom Bihn for laptops, too?

    I imagine something durable like the above Tekmod case, able to work-in you know, but also possible to clip into Brain Bags and Egos--what have you-- as an alternative to the Brain Cell. I understand this work-in 'brain cell' would have to sacrifice some durability--but I would trust even that work-in case to be surpremely safe like all Tom Bihn products.

    I know exactly where I would want one. Film sets, manufacturing plants,(I'm sure some people could help me out with more places,) often involve either cramped or busy environments where lots of people are tasking around and notebook accidents can happen.. having a work-in, durable case to tote your $2000 investment around in would be amazing!

    You can definitely count on the brain cell to withstand drops while it's bagged up--but it'd be great to have a convenient work-in solution that also provides that protection.

    Plus, I'm sure Tom would be able to make everything so intuitively useful about this bag that it would develop its own following of fans using it for purposes I can't conceive of now =p

    Basically, I know I may leave my laptop in my chair or something when I get up to help a co-worker find something, only planning to be gone a minute--it would be time-consuming and a bother to stow it away in my brain cell or case. But if it is already in a work-in case, it's that much safer, should some clumsy intern knock the chair(and the notebook crashes to the ground). This is a very simplistic example--but work-in cases are always protecting laptops... Brain cells do a phenomenal job transporting it from point A to point B, but they can't protect it while I'm at a job working on the notebook :P

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    I would LOVE one of these setups. I would further really love to have an option harness like this one here:

    One reason is I love to work out of the house. Sitting under a tree in the part of where ever...but most often there is nowhere to sit comfortably while holding a laptop. Especially when ya get old broken and fat...hehehehe...

    I haven't found any of these harness setups that work for a 17" laptop. And most times the item I find is only the straps and not the work surface.

    My thought has been to use the HBC as the starting point for the work-in carrier then have the harness using the pads from the Ultimate Strap and maybe something using the quick adjust to rig it all together.

    Also, because I have RA I cannot sit in one position long at all...I would likely use this setup around the house too. It would eliminate the need for a lap based desk-type thingy...

    I would prolly be first in line to buy a setup like this!! And would tell EVERYONE...hehehehe...

    Another variation of this clam-shell sorta carry bag would be the cool looking bag from of all places Belkin:

    I like the SleeveTop over their PocketTop because the handle on the PocketTop does not go all the way through and I could see myself spilling the whole thing and dropping the laptop.

    The SleeveTop has two strips of some sort of high-melt/temp silicone/rubber/plastic hybrid to help elevate the laptop. but I would like to see that made more substantial and actually use fins to create a bit of passive cooling. See I use my laptop for between 7-14/hrs a day and like all the cooling for it I can get.

    But like I mentioned when I got my HBC I could see it as a way to create this whole thing and still be able to fit inside a larger bag for trips.

    BTW, I could care less if I look like a doofus wearing my pays the bills...

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