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    Pilot vs. Zephyr as an EDC

    Perhaps this is a discussion that's been had -- but would be interested in hearing ground-level opinions on this, as I've analyzed the specs/photos of each to death.

    Intent is to use as a commuter/OTS bag, on sidewalks, subways, the urban jungle (NYC) and maybe even on bike every once in a while --- and one that could double as a versatile casual and 'business' casual bag; nothing too stiff looking is required, esp. in the creative world. (That said, backpacks, or the ones I've used at least, seemed to not do -- and not appropriately fit my age).

    Only carry: 13" MBA, a few reads/books, iPhone, pens, etc. Nothing too substantial.

    Besides the obvious differences in dimension and the "hefty" feel factor, thoughts on the differences between the two? I've used the ID before and am not a fan, so it's come down to these two, which can both be gripped like a briefcase, carried over the shoulder, etc. (read on another post about using the Pilot with the strap across body option, which is intriguing). Should I wait it out for a "new" bag on the horizon or...?

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    I'm assuming you're not interested in the LCB?

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    Check out some of my older posts & pics of my Navy Pilot with all the accessories. I use it for my EDC (w/ 13" MBA in cache), as well as one bag carry-on for overnight trips. Packing cubes work great!
    Forrest Green Tri-Star, Navy/Solar PILOT, w/13" MBA cache, Large Shop Bag, various colorful pouches, straps, sacks, 3D mesh, large Dyneema org. cubes and Olive SE. Black Dyneema Daylight BP. As always, more TB stuff on order!

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    I like my Pilot and can't stand messenger type bags that have a flap covering an opening. I like to unzip and go.

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    Love my Zephyr for "substantial". It carries a ton of heavy reference books, no problem. (Also with a Breve, no longer available, for my iPad.). Great protection on side, sturdy handle. Have to squash it a bit to stand it up under an airplane seat. If I carry a smaller EDC load, however, I use my Imago. I'd probably use a Pilot for what you describe. Hope to get one someday.

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    Based on your carry, a Pilot would be perfect for you. The Zephyr is great but overkill if only carrying a 13" MBA. The Zephyr is more for carrying the 15" MBP and if you need to carry a lot of thick items.

    Carry wise, I use the Pilot as my EDC and surprisingly found that I liked carrying it cross-body and courier style (angled on my back). It is very light on my back and I feel I am not carrying anything when I have it on me. It really frees up my body and hands. You really cannot do this with a Zephyr.

    Here is a picture of my Pilot worn cross-body with a Q-AM strap. Note that is very full as I do carry a lot - your carry would reduce the thickness by at least a third IMHO.

    Here is a video of @weirdguy wearing his Pilot cross-body as well:

    Wearing TB Pilot Cross-Body

    Remember to get a cache or some sleeve if getting a Pilot - it does not have any native padding like the Zephyr (note - if laptop protection is you chief concern, the Zephyr wins hands down).

    Another option if you do not mind the messenger flap thing is the Ristretto which has a build-in cache. It has a vertical orientation which is good in crowded areas, public transit, etc.

    Hope this help


    Edit: Forgot to mention - the Cadet could also be a good option - it is a very slim and nice looking bag that can be worn cross-body as well. See this review:

    Tom Bihn Cadet Laptop Bag Review
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    TB Ballistic Black/Iberian Dyneema backpacks and briefcases for every occasion together with my cherished Nordic and Solar Dyneema!

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