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    In Rwanda With A Brain Bag And Am Convinced The Tom Bihn Quality Has Few Equals

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to quickly post that I am in Rwanda with my Brain Bag.

    Over the past decade or so, I have purchased several bags and accessories... Either for myself, or for someone else.

    This has included...
    Empire Builder (for me)
    Aeronaut 30 (for my girlfriend)
    Zephyr (for my co-worker)
    Co-Pilot (for my mom)
    and several Brain Cels, organizer pouches, key straps, etc...

    The Brain Bag was actually given to me as a gift, they knew my obsession with Tom Bihn and it was one of the best gifts I ever received, definitely the most used gift I have ever had.

    I have to say, my Brain Bag that I have been using for over 3 years nearly every day (to work), looks nearly brand new, and probably would look brand new with a wash. That Cordura is amazing stuff.

    The other day, the only thing I had to do was cut some stitching threads that seemed to be fraying/coming out of the inside edges of the 2 main compartments of the Brain Bag near the zippers. I am not a sewer in any way, but am guessing these are somehow just extra threads that are left from the stitching process that are tucked away somehow and have started to come loose? That being said, all the bag's stitches seem to be holding fine regardless, so it is working 100% after just cutting the hanging threads. After over 3 years of everyday use in Rwanda (an office job), it's a testament to the quality of these bags!

    I am absolutely floored by the design and quality and craftsmanship and care and customer support and integrity of the Tom Bihn "family" or "brand" or business, whatever you would want to call it.

    In perhaps my own personal weird way, I see Tom Bihn as a true innovator. It is obvious he cares about quality, design, and must have assembled an amazing team. I would not call Tom Bihn my "hero", but over a lifetime one comes to have a certain perspective on people you probably never meet, and I would using the words "awesomely amazing carer of quality and design and goodness" for Tom Bihn and his time based on his creations...

    I am currently eyeing some other Tom Bihn bags because the Brain Bag is starting to feel a bit overkill for an everyday work bag (way more space than needed) and its features of a big bag (i.e. compression straps, outside mesh pockets, etc.) are not quite what I really these days... I am excited to get to experience a new bag one day when back in Canada.

    Keep up the great work, I kinda have this weird obsession with the Tom Bihn brand that I don't really have with any other consumer product...

    All the best in the year ahead!!!

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    That's awesome! I love my synapse 19 as a daily bag. Though I do want to pick up an s25 as well for days when I have more to pack. Great post!
    Okay, now I REALLY want a Dyneema CoPilot!
    I NEED to find a Medium Cafe bag in Dyneema!
    Black Dyneema /Solar is my #1 choice!
    Next would be Steel /steel, or Nordic/solar.
    Looking for Smart Alec in Nordic, or steel /steel Dyneema.
    Also looking for mini OP's in CORK and Solar.

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