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    I think the cork bags look really nice. The Navy/Cork especially. I am not a big fan of olive, though, so I would prefer it with something like a steel inside, maybe even crimson. I did end up with a small olive organizer pouch that I think looks ok, but it wouldn't have been my first choice and I wouldn't have wanted the whole inside of my bag to be that.

    I love the steel/crimson and the sapphire/steel as well. It makes me sad to see the crimson/steel taking so long to sell out of the old style (unless I am way off here). I love the colors, but I one of the reasons I didn't get it was because I prefer the swooshy design.

    ETA: Steel/cork/deep blue is a big winner in my book too.

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    If the cork was the back panel fabric it wouldn't be in the wind much, it would mostly be in the low pressure area on my back. The top edge of the flap style bags nearest my shoulder is what takes the beating. I'll most likely get the newest Buzz regardless, but in cork would put me over the moon.
    I love my small org. pocket in the fabric (cork) and almost daily someone tries to swipe it.
    Seeing an Imago in cork irritates my bag jealousy to no end, the flagrant bag pr0n photo's by you do not help =)
    Um, duh, wear the Imago backwards?

    I was thinking of shooting some photos of bag-on-bag-action with my ID, Aeronaut, and Imago. Too much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eristick View Post

    I was thinking of shooting some photos of bag-on-bag-action with my ID, Aeronaut, and Imago. Too much?
    The more pictures, the better, go for it.

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    The new colors are wonderful! Great updates I think.

    (Although something in Plum would be good, too. *grins*)


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