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Thread: Does anyone have a Skookum Dog medium duffle?

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    Does anyone have a Skookum Dog medium duffle?

    The NightFlight I ordered is going back, its just a little too small for me, ie I would have to choose between bringing a pair of jeans or a pair of shoes.

    The Skookum Dog medium road duffle is a few inches longer, but with a similar set up. Does anyone know about how many o rings there are? I see from the pictures that there is one in each of the end, slender pockets (which the NightFlight is missing) but I don't see any pictures really showing them anywhere else. I really like the mesh on the end of one of the pockets. I liked the color combo of coyote and black on the NightFlight which the medium duffle doesn't have, but the medium duffle is also @$20 less....
    So far: PU in coyote/steel (this bag is not just for parents), SE in black/iberian and coyote/steel, SSB in black dyneema, Vintage Buzz in black and numerous pouches, 3D cubes, straps. Still waiting for the perfect weekender bag which would be a slightly larger Night Flight or a slightly smaller Skookum duffle.

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    +1 for a Skookum Dog medium duffel review/pics/etc. There are a few websites out there that have a picture or two, but most of them were the stock photos.

    For anyone wanting reference:

    Skookum Medium Duffel: 11.5"x9.5"x21.5"; 2200 cu. in. (36 L)
    Night Flight: 9"x10"x17"; 1220 cu. in. (20 L)
    Aeronaut 30: 19.7"x12.6"x7.9"; 1830 cu. in. (30 L)
    Aeronaut 45: 22"x14"x9"; 2700 cu. in. (45 L)

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    there are pretty good shots on the blog for skookumdog. check out 4/21/14 posting. i love the little pockets inside the large main compartment shown in the pics with gloves, etc in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvdabags View Post
    there are pretty good shots on the blog for skookumdog. check out 4/21/14 posting. i love the little pockets inside the large main compartment shown in the pics with gloves, etc in them.
    Wish those duffels were offered with an optional Tom Bihn logo and TB colors & Dyneema interiors. Night Flight is just too small for my duffel needs. I do like it though
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    I have both a Night Flight (which is going back; too small as you will see) and a Skookum Duffle. I can tell you that the medium duffle, which I have, is about the same size as a modest gym bag. In answer to the number of "o rings," as you already know, there is one in each end pocket but there are 2 in both ENDS of the main compartment. Just to be clear, there are a total of 4 o-rings in the main compartment. Here are some pictures taken with an iPhone. I was going to do a more complete comparison but haven't been able to do so. So hopefully this will suffice.

    Here is a shot of what I will call the fabric end pocket.

    Name:  fabric end pocket.JPG
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Size:  188.0 KB

    Here is the mesh end pocket.

    Name:  mesh end pocket.JPG
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Size:  154.5 KB

    And now here is a shot of the main compartment, shot towards the fabric end pocket.

    Name:  fabric side main compartment.JPG
Views: 282
Size:  161.3 KB

    And the main compartment, shot towards the mesh side end pocket.

    Name:  mesh side main compartment.JPG
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Size:  172.2 KB

    It's kinda hard to get a nice photo showing the o-rings but I believe you can see 'em if you look closely. Also, something that I either didn't see/notice is that there are 2 pockets on both sides of the main compartment. So in all, there are 6 o-rings between the 3 compartments. In addition, there is a slit-like pocket opening on the ends, one of which is mesh.

    And finally, here is a comparison between the Night Flight and medium duffel. In all, it appears that the duffel is approximately one-and-a-half times longer than the Night Flight. One another post some mentioned that she could just fit her shoes in the Night Flight. However, she cautioned that she wore small shoes. I wear size 8 1/2 and they WON'T fit in the NF, even on the diagonal.

    Name:  Comparison NF vs duffle.JPG
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Size:  151.4 KB

    And finally, in the above picture there is NOTHING in the NF. However, I had to put in two sweaters in the duffel to show it's true shape.

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