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Thread: WOW - Thank you!

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    Feb 2014

    WOW - Thank you!

    Bit the bullet and ordered an olive Brain Bag and Freudian slip for my son for September for first day of high school (just noticed that they were back in stock and wanted to beat the school rush), and a WF packing cube backpack to fit inside when needed. And, while I was at it got a Large Cafe Bag (LOVE and use my medium cafe bag every day - but need something bigger for when I work on projects). And finally, because it is so hard not to keep going, I ordered 2 medium double zipper pouches (loved the small double zipper ones and use for cash in the back and coins in the front).

    I am in Canada so in the comments asked if they could ship in 2 deliveries as the zipper pouches and the black dyneema WF packing cube back pack are on backorder, and I am impatient and wanted my other stuff quickly!

    It all came in 3 days time - and they filled the WHOLE order!! Saved me on all that extra shipping, which I so appreciated. Also was just a lovely surprise. By the way - the large organizational pouches fit INSIDE the LCB perfectly which is what I was hoping. Love the black and steel parapack by the way.

    Thank you!

    (PS - thanks also to Matthew who last order walked over to the Large Organizer Pouch bin and helped me pick a rainbow of colours - iberian, solar, cocoa, olive etc! Great fun.)

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    Matthew is wonderful!

    He helped me with this year orders, which have been complicated, due to Nordic surprise products and subsequent discontinuation.

    They had to be set up in between must have new inventions like the Genius Double Carabiner.

    I miss Tom and the Crew videos, I guess we have to wait for new products and innovations launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by backpack View Post
    Matthew is wonderful!

    He helped me with this year orders, ...
    This sounds so great. For now I would have to call it "this month orders" but hopfully someday I can talk of them as a yearly event.
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    The staff at TB are terrific and located a returned WF for me in cardinal and a returned aeronaut in cardinal after my order was told that they had run out( of the aeronaut in red)
    What a great group they are
    They also helped locate accessories to match my new forest bag and existing bags in turquoise and azalea
    My hubby loved my solar shop bag and asked for a third bag as his large and small Nordic are used so much
    Practical and well made
    We love the TB vision

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    I'll just jump in and say: thanks for taking the time to thank our crew. It means a lot to all of us!
    Current Carry: Skookum Dog Citizen Canine prototype, Founder's Briefcase (every day carry), Small Cafe Bag (every day carry), Shop Bags (groceries, extra random stuff), Aeronaut 45 (travel), Synapse 19 (day hikes), Smart Alec (longer day hikes), Skookum Dog Road Duffel (Medium) (travel), Clear Organizer Wallet, Travel Stuff Sacks, Organizer Cubes

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    I have to mention Luke too. While he is responsible for my new case of TBAS I forgive him. I placed an order about an hour ago. He dug through the tubs just to find what I wanted. He found me three (I think) kiwi pouches. I have no idea what sizes and don't care. He also found me an aubergine, or black pouch or two maybe, again, don't know and don't care. I was just jazzed he'd look for me. Customer service at it's best.
    List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!

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    Yes! Luke is GREAT! I also want to take this opportunity to thank him for his patient.

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    I'm very embarrassed to say this, but I don't think there's a single member of their wonderful team that I haven't bothered in the last couple of months since I've discovered TB.
    Multiple questions, and even more requests were all cheerfully attended to, not to mention they willingly offered more help than I asked for when I couldn't make up my mind.
    The best thing? The human touch, they make the email correspondences seem as good as being at the store itself.
    Thank you, all of you guys rock!
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