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Thread: UPS My Choice

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    UPS My Choice

    Hey everyone!

    We thought wed take a moment to let you all know about a service UPS offers called UPS My Choice: its pretty cool option for those of us with somewhat irregular schedules that dont really line up with the general UPS delivery times, or for people who just want the ability to manage their deliveries a bit more. A free membership to UPS My Choice gives you the following perks, to name some:

    • Text, Phone, Email, or even Facebook (with the proper app) delivery notifications the day before and the morning of drop-off
    • The chance to give Leave At instructions or even sign for packages online
    • The ability to reroute or reschedule packages ($5 per use) or have packages held for pickup at a UPS facility (free)

    If youre somebody getting a lot of stuff shipped to you fairly regularly, upgrading to UPS My Choice Premium ($40/year) might be a worthwhile consideration. With a Premium membership you can get all the good stuff that comes with a free membership, but with unlimited rerouting and rescheduling, plus the ability to have your package delivered within a two hour window ($5 per use).
    Attached Images Attached Images UPS My Choice-bob-jpg or call U.S./Canada 1-800-729-9607 / Other countries +1-206-652-4123

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    I am a UPS My Choice Premium member and can vouch for its usefulness. A cautionary word, however... If you are going to redirect packages to a nearby UPS Store for holding until you can pick up, check out the store first. Go there and talk to the owner/employee to make sure they are knowledgable about the My Choice Premium services. Some do not and will charge you $5 extra per package or even refuse to accept. Happened to me twice with two different UPS Stores. Premium membership is great for rescheduling the delivery date, for providing special delivery instructions (like dropping packages into a fenced backyard) and, now that I have found a well-run UPS Store, for redirecting packages.
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    I inquired about this at my neighborhood UPS store. They wanted me to pay (I don't remember how much, but it was a lot) to use their address. I explained that I was not using their address - only to reroute certain packages. They did not know about the program.

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    UPS Stores are locally owned franchises and not part of UPS. The local business pays for all the expenses associated with the location and one of the services they offer is a PO Box service which accepts mail and packages. Most will not accept a package without a fee since it undermines one of their sources of income.

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    Perk of UPS My Choice - iPhone notifications :-)

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    I now refer to them as "oops". I've had too many boxes with holes in them to ever recommend them for anything. I always choose another option if given the choice.

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