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    Cool Messenger bag that doesn't look like a computer bag?

    I live in a country where there is A LOT of theft. I'm going to be commuting on a motorcycle accross town and I don't want to send an advertisement that I have a computer in my bag. I need some opinions: Which of the messenger bags looks like they'd be computer bags? Which ones just look like regular bags? I'm specifically thinking about getting the ID. Thanks!

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    The ID, Super Ego, and Imago are all messenger bags that don't look anything like laptop bags in my opinion. I'd make sure to go with a subdued color combination. I think the ID in Black/Black/Steel would be a great choice.
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    I agree with Darcy except for one thing... the subdued color part. IMHO nothing screams computer bag as much as an all-black or almost all-black bag. Any of the bags Darcy mentioned in as funky color as you can stomach would be my suggestion. I'm partial to Bihn's crimson as anyone looking into my bag collection can attest

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    I have the ID in Kiwi/Deep Blue and I love it.

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    ID should be suitable

    I agree with the previous post on colours - go for something non-black (my preference is Steel / Crimson). The only potential challenge with the ID is the smaller size (which was why I got it - it forced me to minimize the amount of paper I took on commute).

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