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    Empire Builder question

    Howdy. After logging 100k miles with a Land's End bag, it's now time for a new laptop bag. I'm considering the Empire Builder but have one question. One thing I really liked about the old bag was the zippers... the bag was split into two main compartments with zippers for each. I could pull all four zippers together and fasten them together with a single luggage lock; which I would do if I had to leave the bag in my hotel room or with the concierge. Can I achieve the same with the Empire Builder? Are the zippers around the main compartment large enough for a luggage lock? Is there any way to secure the front compartment?

    Thank you!

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    Followup Question

    Howdy. After looking at the pictures of the Empire Builder some more, I have a follow up question. How secure is the front pocket? If I flip the bag upside down, will things fall out? Or is there a zipper to hold things secure.


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    1) Yes, the zippers on the main compartment are quite large enough for a massive padlock - or a rational luggage lock.

    2) Amazingly, nothing has ever fallen out of the front pocket on in well over a year and a half of mega-carrying of my EBs. There is no zipper, but TB magic seems to hold everything in there securely.

    And that is probably the number one feature of the EB that I love - the TB magic. Stuff should fall out of the front pouch, but it never does. Handles should always flop around and have to be chased - but they are ALWAYS exactly where they should be. It really does seem like magic, but the bag always does exactly what I want it to do - not what it seems like it should do. Maybe this is just a result of quality construction - or it is the payoff of massive human engineering. All I know is that the EB has been a huge success for me.
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