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    Any chance of improving Advanced search options with more date range specifications or Boolean arguments? Two forum upgrades ago, we used to be able to specify more date range options -- and I think we were even able to insert a range of dates, though I'm not sure about this. In any case, there are very few tools that help in finding older posts, since the latest date setting in the pop up menu is "a year ago". This means, in combination with the default search tool behavior of "or"-ing all search terms, that it's difficult to pull up old topics without getting too many unrelated hits without relying on external memory of the previous discussions. (Easiest to winnow this down under the present organization if I can insert the name of one of the posters in an old thread into the search).

    As to why going back into the older posts is useful: 1) many of the relevant discussions to frequently (re-asked) questions came up when some of these bags were first introduced (such as about packing cube use or what other items fit), 2) a lot of the basic questions and pictures appeared in earlier forum posts -- especially since links to blog posts with photos don't work for references before January 2011.

    I know there are other priorities for site web support, but if it's possible, it would be really nice to get access to the earlier blog pages. This is where the new product announcements and best images from forum posts typically wound up. In trying to answer a posted question, I'll often remember there was a picture in an old blog post that exactly demonstrates a fit or usage query, but I can't get to it -- even if I find an old post of mine that gives an exact link, because the the old query structure no longer works, so all these links end up broken. This is generally brought home when I answer a general question (like recommendations about the best ways to view contrasting travel tray color combinations against Dyneema bag loning interiors) and finding examples of the product in different colors by searching on the blog --except this just doesn't work for earlier entries.

    How about adding a link to the all-products view web page to the Quick Links drop down menu?

    Can we add tagging information to the attachment forum images after the fact (e.g., after posting, since usually figuring out the upload takes a bit of time)?

    As a side comment, while TapaTalk has made it easier to upload images to the forum on mobile devices, I don't like the way Tapatalk icons get added to the uploaded images. And, of course, uploaded images hosted on their App's servers or elsewhere are not searchable under the image attachments forum, so to look for Badger's posted iimages of his "fur test" (er, comparative study of Parapack, Ballistic Nylon, and Dyneema) I'd have to do a forum search rather than an image attachment search.

    Can we also add some comparison sizing tool to handle the new mixture sof caches (e.g., the 7" tablet caches) into the mix of padded pouches and caches for Kindle, iPad Mini, etc.? I realized in answering a recent thread that the Kindle Pouch is no longer being sold, but there are no pointers from that product page to replacement pouches that can be used (e.g 7" tablet pouches or medium tablet pouches), and for the iPad Mini it's even more confusing when to adopt a slightly larger cache/pouch to accommodate cases, with or without smart covers and/or keyboards.

    • Improve Forum Advanced search options (date range, Boolean arguments)
    • Extend historical Blog page access and search/link options to dates before January 2011
    • Add all products page link option to Quick Links drop-down menu
    • Adding tagging to attachment images after upload
    • Clarify comparative sizing information for pouches and caches in eReader, Tablet, iPad Mini category (including current link options on Product pages -- e.g. for Kindle pouch)

    HTH. moriond
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