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Thread: Box art at last! [Oh, and a new Side Effect, too]

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    Box art at last! [Oh, and a new Side Effect, too]

    It finally happened; yesterday my new Wasabi Dyneema Side Effect arrived [with matching Pouch Pocket]. My husband brought the box into me with a puzzled look on his face. "This is strange," he said. "Why are there Escher-like drawings on your box?" The poor man isn't a Bihnaholic, so he had no clue why I started squealing with delight. "At last I got box art!" I said.

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    And he's right; the floating cubes do look Escher-esque. Now the question is, how does one mount a shipping box for permanent display?

    Thank you to whoever did this! I'm not sure what made me happier: the box art; the new Wasabi Dyneema Side Effect; or the fact that someone carefully selected a Pocket Pouch with a Wasabi lining to match the SE. [Also, it's Aubergine: I love all things Aubergine, so it's perfect on two scores.] Again, thank you to the great folks at TB who created this delivery for me.

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    This is my second 2nd-gen Side Effect, by the way. I ordered an Aubergine/Wasabi one last month and liked it so much I just had to have another. Though I love them both, and use them every day, I will note that the Wasabi Dyneema version is a bit lighter, and seems to be able to expand to accomodate a bit more stuff. Though the Augergine holds its slim shape better, and looks so elegant. Sometimes I can't decide which one to take on my walks.

    Also, I was a bit concerned that the Wasabi Dyneema would be too garish in person, and maybe too chartreuse; but that isn't the case at all. It's bright and cheerful without being blinding; and there's not too much yellow in it either.


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    That wasabi SE is gorgeous! I'm debating now between wasabi/wasabi, steel/wasabi, or aubergine/wasabi..Is the wasabi look more green than yellow?
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    Hi, TXGirl. I think you'll love the Wasabi—it is definitely more green than yellow. I was hesitating about the Wasabi for that same reason, but I think it looks beautiful in person: a true green, but bright and light. By the way, I have both the Wasabi and the Aubergine SE. I bought the Aubergine last month, but the Wasabi was still calling my name, so....

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