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    Feb 2013

    Selling/trading my Brain Bag

    My Brain Bag is up for sale or trade. Looking to switch to a Dyneema Co-Pilot.

    Brain Bag

    You do not need to be a registered member of that forum to view the listing. If you are interested or have any questions you can contact me via the email shown there or by PM at this forum.


    Sold pending funds as of last night.
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    Mar 2013
    Vicenza, Italy
    That's a good deal! I'd jump on it, but I already have one. I'm sure someone here will give it a good home very soon.
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    - [2010] Aeronaut (w/Absolute, 1lg/2sm Packing Cubes, Travel Tray & 3D clear cube)
    - - [2013] Co-Pilot (w/ mini-'Absolute', Cache, Clear Org wallet, S.O.S., 3D Clear & mesh cubes, Passport pouch)
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