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Thread: Bike Bag?

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    Bike Bag?

    I bike a lot with a Brain Bag, but the weather may get pretty hot, and carrying a backpack on a bike on a hot day is not that great.
    I would love a back pack with a removable clamp to fix it to my bike's handlebar. This way, click, my laptop is on the bike, click, I have a back pack when I arrive.
    Why the handlebar and not the at the rear? well, Paris is Paris, and if you carry a lurid bag at the rear, you might well find it's no longer there when you arrive...


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    Paris by bike

    Paris! Sounds great to me!
    Sadly the great variety of sizes and configurations of bicycles and their handle bars/brakes makes building one simple system pretty much impossible.
    There are some very cool <B>folding front baskets</B> for bikes into which you might be able to drop your pack - check out Bike Nashbar or similar. Because they permanently attach to your bike, some of the technical difficulties of attachment are overcome.
    A bien tot!

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