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    How is a brain cell supposed to fit? :)

    Hi guys!

    Just got my brain cell and brain bag in the mail today, and I am definitely looking forward to using them

    However, how tight is your laptop supposed to fit into the brain cell?

    I have an Acer C204 Tablet, and the website suggested a Size 4. But it seems to barely fit. There is no wiggle room inside and the back looks to bow a tad bit.

    I was just wondering how it is supposed to fit for the best protection so I can tell whether I bought the right size or not.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Hi Ted,

    Hmmm. Can you tell me which dimension seems too tight?

    According to my info, your laptop measures: 12.4 x and the Size 4 Brain Cell measures 13.7 x 10.25 x 1.3. If all of this is correct, I would expect it to be just a little big snug in the thickness (smallest dimension), but fairly roomy in length & width. If this is not the case, we either have the wrong dimensions for your laptop or we sent you the wrong size Brain Cell. If all of these measurements are correct and your Brain Cell really is a Size 4, then I don't believe that the protection will be comprimised by that snug fit. Generally, we like the laptops to fit as snugly as possible - without making it a big challenge to remove them from the case.

    Hope all of this makes sense. Please let me know if any of our info is wrong or you think that the case just won't work for you.


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