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    Quote Originally Posted by nukediver View Post
    Why didn't I ever think of this before?? Now I need to place an order to balance out the brights and darks in my TB collection :-)
    Just doing my bit for the PNW economy :-)
    Enlightened traveller since 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank II View Post
    I didn't mean to try to persuade people to buy things they don't really like.
    as for me, i certainly dont feel you are trying to pursuade me to buy things i dont want. i was informed thanks to your help! isnt that why you have a blog, to inform, give your opinoin? you dont have to convince anyone about one bagging. the whole world can use wheels if they want, if thats what they like, but you dont and heres why. you dont prefer bright colors and you actually have reasons why and here they are.

    i came here to learn and i asked a question. i am certainly glad you posted and started this thread. i learned a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lotuseater View Post
    The bright ones get used for personal travel; the black bags for business travel.
    I don't do a lot of "business travel", but have my situations where I'd rather blend into the crowd. So my Black/UV Co-pilot and Synapse are perfect for those times. For "fun" daily activities like grocery shopping and knitting and driving kids around town, a rainbow of shop bags and an Azalea Swift keep things colorful and happy.
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    My $0.02 ...

    I have bags in Ballistic Navy and Ballistic Steel ... both colors show up quite beautifully on this fabric, and both are subtle or subdued enough to be "acceptable for business," let me just put it that way. At the same time, they offer just enough of a color difference, not to be flashy and stand out, but to distinguish them from the sea of black bags out there.

    Inside the bags, I go crazy with all the nice bright-colorful-beautiful Dyneema pouches and accessories I want!

    For business meetings, I do occasionally use my Zephyr (Black/Cardinal) laptop bag in, but it's such an elegant bag that I don't feel it's flashy at all, and I get lots of compliments on it.

    Someone please help me!
    I have BAS (Bihn Acquisition Syndrome)!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertandor View Post
    Interesting thread - how would people describe the Navy ballistic?

    I've been considering it for when I get around the buying a WF or Tristar (assuming it's in stock in that colour) as a still business-like, darker colour, but also one that isn't black for when I'm travelling for leisure.
    It's hard to describe with words. I would recommend asking for some from TB, or better yet, buy an accessory like the Kit in Navy. It's an absolutely gorgeous color, the best in my opinion. I am still kicking myself a little for not getting my tristar in navy/iberian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbobguy View Post
    It's hard to describe with words. I would recommend asking for some from TB, or better yet, buy an accessory like the Kit in Navy. It's an absolutely gorgeous color, the best in my opinion. I am still kicking myself a little for not getting my tristar in navy/iberian.
    @drbobguy If you have the funds, the Tri-Star in Navy/Iberian is currently available for purchase. @Vertandor You can read historygal's query about the fututure of navy/Iberian in this thread, and then check the Dear eBay thread that Janine started. On the third page there's a note that the used navy/Iberian Aeronaut that historygal wanted sold for $336+$11 s&h on eBay. Fortunately, this story ended happily (as did Janine's request for Indigo items -- see Janine's follow-up letter to Dear eBay on the second page, just before the announcement of the navy/Iberian Aeronaut auction on eBay). The Aeronaut was also offered again in Navy/Iberian (and is also currently available for purchase in this color combination).

    My personal preference is for the Navy/Solar combination, and it does look quite professional as a color, as others like cucciasv have said. Personally, if I wanted to get a Western Flyer in this color combination, which I already have (having gotten one of the last of these bags when Solar was discontinued), I'd send a pm to Lani asking what happened to the navy/solar WF that she left with tags on after trying to decide about the new Aubergine WFs and the 400d Dyneema WF (which she actually did purchase).


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    Moriond - thanks for those links, much appreciated Thanks also to drbobguy and cucciasv for your comments too, really helpful.

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