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    Unhappy Not so Great Empire Builder

    I recently received an Empire Builder. I've spent a couple of weeks trying to "fall in love" with this bag and it isn't happening.

    I have 4 things which would really change how I feel about the bag. The first two are the things which keep me from loving the bag.

    1) I really can't stand the Cordura. It pulls on sweaters and fleece. The parts of the bag with it look tacky with the rainbow of fuzz. If I could send it back and get all of the exposed Cordura areas replaced I would.

    2) There are no organizer pockets in the padded section small gear placed there just flys around loosely. There is no padding for the organizer pockets. I am loath to place my Blackberry, iPod, digital camera or cell phone into this unprotected section of the bag. One or the other should be changed. Adding just a little padding to the backside of the flap would have made me happy.

    3) Adding a wheelie strap to the back. Heavy bags should have these.

    4) Either a place to put a water bottle or an extra couple of D rings so a water bottle in a clip carrier (bison type perhaps) could be attached. I fly a lot having water especially on overseas trips is pretty important.

    I can't make this my travel bag. I can't make it my everyday bag. I want to like it because it is so close to perfect. But for now I can only use it when I don't have on a sweater, fleece or any similar fabric. It looks like a summer car trip bag.

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    Ah, that's too bad. It sounds ilke you definately got the wrong bag for your purpose. A bag can be great, and not for you at the same time.

    If someone gave me a Brain Bag, when I really needed an ID, I'd complain about it as well.

    Maybe get a refund and try a different bag?

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