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    My new Brain Bag

    Well, I did it.

    I've been waiting for an excuse to get a BB since I bought my fist TB bag in 2010.

    It finally arrived few days ago and I've been using it daily. I'd like to share a few random thoughts.

    It's big!
    I'm missing the o rings in the side pockets (please somebody tell me they are there and I just couldn't find them, they're probably the most useful feature in my synapse)
    It's really big!
    It screams for packing cubes and the likes to organise the main compartments.
    A couple more o-rings in the main compartments wouldn't have been a bad idea either.
    No seriously, it's really, really big.

    I'm not sure it is the right bag for the use I have in mind (i was dreaming a 150% synapse); however I just love it and I'm sure I'll find a good use for it...
    Really happy I found that excuse...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Franco View Post
    (i was dreaming a 150% synapse)
    I would buy that bag in a heartbeat - a larger Synapse would have more utility to me than my Brain Bag. I love my Brain Bag for certain purposes, but for EDC the mega-Synapse would be preferable.

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    The beauty of TB products is that they rock at what they do. You will love the Brain Bag for Brain Bag sized tasks

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