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Thread: CO-Pilot Black / Steel or Black /wasavi

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    Aug 2012

    Question CO-Pilot Black / Steel or Black /wasavi

    Im having trouble deciding between black / steel or black / wasavi copilot??

    Any ideas??

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    Sep 2009
    Hmmmm .... Depends if you're into a 'pop' of colour or not! I like it because it makes it easy to see things in the bottom of my bag. But in some meetings I do worry about drawing attention to myself!

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    If you have the opportunity to get wasabi, there's no decision to be made. Wasabi! Wasabi! Wasabi! As notmensa mentioned the lining is bright to aid in finding things. Also inside of your no-nonesense bag a party is happening.

    Now if you are using your Co-Pilot for the most formal/serious of settings, steel would probably be the best choice, but I'd say go with Wasabi anyway. It's the inside of your bag for crying outloud! Who should have objection with that?
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    I second dorayme! And I've learned from experience, her suggestions are spot-on...

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    Thanl you all for you help, i think i will go with the black / steel!
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