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    Which Bag For Me?

    I'm looking for a messenger style bag that can carry the following:

    School Books

    I'm starting Grad School in the Spring and will be going to class directly from work a few nights a week. I use my laptop for work, but will also be taking it to class.

    Would I be okay with the ID bag or should I get something like the Super Ego? Do I need a Brain Cell for the laptop, or is there a padded spot already in the bag?


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    Since many of those items are not well defined it would be hard for me to do any specific recommandations but it seems the ID should fit all those items, at least if the school books aren't too big or too many.

    In some of my other threads I've linked to a set of pictures that show how much you actually can squeeze into the ID.

    There are no padding the the laptop in either the ID or Super Ego, so both need a braincell...

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