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Thread: Picnic backpack

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    Picnic backpack

    So this is a dream-post. I don't think it will come true, but if anyone could do this one right it will be Tom and company. I blame my son's Brain Bag, which got me thinking about this.

    I've seen oodles of picnic backpacks on websites and in person, and they share some common issues.

    First issue - side-slung wine-bottle pockets. Great idea, but almost always terrible execution. If there's only one on one side, the pack balance is horrible. Two pockets are great, but a bottle on each side adds quite a bit of weight. On my son's Brain Bag, the center-clip allows a way to carry a ring-top bottle without mangling the pack balance. Uninsulated or half-high pockets mean you can't keep chilled wine cool. Can the material that keeps computers from harm also serve as insulating? Is it too stiff to make a tube out of it? I don't have a TB Brain Cell, so I've no idea

    Second issue - poor, poor strap designs. Adjustment points that slip when you pack a full pack are useless, and I've never seen one with a chest strap.

    Third issue - a picnic backpack usually comes with plates, cups, utensils, etc. Most of which are kind of junky. I'm not suggesting that TB run out and find suppliers for all this stuff. Can inner pockets be made to fit standard sized items, so that the buyer can pack their own 'furnishings'?

    I have NO idea how this could be designed, but thought I'd throw it out for consideration.
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    It might be possible to rig up your own using an Aeronaut Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, and toting your wine bottle in the bottom pocket. The only thing I would do is to protect it with a wine bottle protector.

    On the inside, I bet you could pack your silverware in the Pen/Pencil Clear Organizer Pouch, or maybe a TB Kit. Things like napkins, you can put in appropriately sized Clear Organizer Pouches. If you have a small cutting board, I think one of the Organizer Pouches would be perfect for it.

    Plateware... depending on whether it's plastic or not, you will want different levels of protection. If they're plastic or melamine picnicware, Organizer Pouches should work fine. For things like bowls, maybe a Clear Quarter Packing Cube?

    I'd also toss a Travel Tray or two in there. They would make great little bowls for serving things like crackers.

    Just a thought!
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    Sounds like you need Wine Quivers that attach to either side of a Synapse. ;-)

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    I wonder if the Quivers could be used to carry and insulate bottles?

    I am thinking that a Stuff Sack or Large Stuff Sack insulated with craft foam might keep the Matterhorn Tom Bihn bottle and the Lifefactory bottles cold but not sweaty.

    Just a though.

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    I think a modified BB would be the way to go. Add a Wine Quiver (TavaPeak, I like your thinking!) that fits in the centre and a Vertical Bacchanalian Slip* (modified to enable you to attach your own utensils, plates, wine glasses etc) and you're set! Easy!

    *trademark pending...
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    [QUOTE=JLE;36774] Add a Wine Quiver and a Vertical Bacchanalian Slip*

    LOL, JLE. Hey Darcy, we have something to propose...

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