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    Question Brain Cell interior fabric?

    I'm about to recieve my new 12" ibook and I've heard that the exterior finish is prone to scratching. Because of that I'd like a case which holds my lappy snug, provides good dop protection, and has a soft interior.

    Most of the messenger bags with integral laptop pouches, or smaller laptop sleves (like the BrainCell) tend to fulfil two of those requirements, but not all three.

    Does the BrainCell have a soft interior? I've been convinced that it keeps the laptop safe from drops and holds it snug, but I can't find any info or pictures on the product page or forums about how soft the interior fabric is, and whether it can scratch.

    If anyone uses a BrainCell with an ibook, has it protected the finish from scratching?


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    I do not own an iBook but I do own a IBM X40 which I use in my Braincell. And I just felt out the inside of my braincell. The true inside, which is the material the sling is made of is supremely soft. It feels like velvet, and I'm 100% sure that will NOT scratch your laptop. But if you look at the crimson braincell you've got the crimson material on the inside on the short ends as well as about 2cm down on the long sides. That material I beleive is 500 denier Dupont Cordura® which is not as soft as the material of the sling but I doubt strongly that it would scratch up the surface of the ibook. The ibook is made of pretty darn hard plastic.
    So to summarize, IMHO you'd find a bag that covers all 3 points with a braincell. But as is mentioned in the product page be aware of the landscape/portrait issue with the Braincell vs the Monolith. (Though for a 12'' ibook the Braincell size 5 should be excellent and essentially can work in any bag.

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    Looks like I'll be a new proud owner of a BrainCell...hmmm, maybe if I buy a million of them I'll be able to remember where I put my laptop...

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