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Thread: iPAD FJN

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    ooohhh something I know I'm looking forward to seeing executed!
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    Tom is already working on something like this. Maybe you'll see it in 2012? We don't have a date yet. I'll share more news when I have it!
    Outstanding! Thanks Darcy, maybe when shipping it out to us, to help retain it's shape during shipment, you could just put a iPad3 in it! ;0)

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    I think this is a great idea, but I'd like it to be just a little bit larger, so that it would hold an 11" macBook Air. I have a zip-around carrier with a shoulder strap for a three ring notebook that I bought years ago, and I'd love to have something like it in TomBinh quality which would also have a padded compartment for the MacBook Air (or netbook).

    Just one thing to look out for: in a three ring size, it needs to be long enough to accept European-style A4 paper. But what I would really like is a "11" MacBook Air-sized FJN.


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    iPad Mini insert for FJN?

    I realize this thread has been inactive for a while, but the topic of fitting an iPad Mini into the current size FJN came up in the Tom Bihn forum on the site (a community for knitters & crocheters). I had posted about how I am using my FJN to organize knitting tools, notes, and patterns. A few people expressed interest in the tool organization, but said they had gone essentially paperless for the notes/patterns aspect. I thought it shouldn't be too hard to create a sleeve to hold the iPad Mini either in the existing binder (something like this one, which is for full-size iPads/binders) or an insert to replace the ring assembly altogether.

    This wouldn't require a whole product redesign or anything, so I hope Tom Bihn might consider making such a sleeve or insert.

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