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    Well, I just got a Brain Bag yesterday in anticipation of a trip I'm taking next year. And while I think it'll be ideal for carry-on on a plane, it's a little large for use as a daypack.

    So, next, it'll probably be a Smart Alec or a Synapse. Whichever one can most reasonably accomodate a laptop (or iPad), study materials, and a windbreaker.

    Also thinking of the Co-Pilot and a medium Cafe Bag. But that's for the future.

    Oh, yeah, I'm still taking the trip next year, so keeping the Brain Bag.

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    After months of debating, finally ordered a Zephyr for work & teaching. Field Journal as Xmas gift for artist son. Citizen Canine for choc lab. And, a Little Swift in hemp! Special thanks to the knitters for info on that one - I plan to try it as a purse, but maybe I will learn to knit one day. *cough* Still hanker for Imago and Synapse... Bihn-itis is so contagious.

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