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    Since both the navy and the crimson are beautiful fabrics, the real question is do you like the look of the hemp or the cork better? I like the vertical stripe look of the cork fabric and the way it moves your eye when you look at the bag. I think it goes well with the strap/buckle, and I like the way it works against the wave cut of the fabric. I think the basic weave of the hemp loses some of the drama, but that's just my take.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lacyfinn View Post
    Thank you Cymberleah for posting these pictures. I LOVED my steal/cork/wasabi Imago, but had a friend drop by who was headed to Sudan. So i gave it to her. It was a happy/sad parting. Now I'm in the market for another. But with the new combos navy/cork/wasabi, and the Crimson/hemp/steal... what's a girl to do?
    What a great friend you are to part with your Imago. But it does give you the opportunity to get a new one, and I have to agree that it's a dilemma. The Navy/Cork is a handsome combination, but that Crimson/Hemp is so gorgeous that I have to keep reminding myself that I already have an Imago that I love (Indigo/Plum). But the Crimson keeps calling my name....

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    I did end up taking both bags on my trip, but primarily used the Imgao. Both the Imago and the Swift carry a good amount of stuff, but I didn't overload myself as much with the Imago as I was leaving the car, and the pocket on the back was great to slip patterns into and not have them get crumpled.

    I went to Sock Summit 2011, and there were a few Swifts being carried through the crowd. On the first day I saw a lady carrying a regular swift and a small hemp one, so I jokingly asked her how many she needed. We ended up talking about Seattle and comparing bags for a good ten minutes.

    I got to show off my bag a few times over the weekend. One of the vendors recognized the bag and exclaimed how much she liked it to the woman helping her, so I showed it off to her and was known as the "Tom Bihn Ambassador" every time I went back to her booth. It was fun to be known by my bag. =)

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    Sounds like you had an awesome time, and I'm glad the Imago was a hit for you and for other's to enjoy and see! As for how many Swifts does one need. . .
    My answer: you can never have too many!!!
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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