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    +1 on all of the above.
    Western Flyer (Crimson); 4Z Brain Cell; Swift (wife); Empire Builder (Black/Steel/Wasabi); Aeronaut (Black/Steel); Side Effect (Black), 3D Cube (Olive); lots of cubes/pouches/kit; Synapse (Navy/Solar); Smart Alec (Cardinal/Steel)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarlJ View Post
    Totally unacceptable. Casey must stay. Besides... I haven't emptied my wish list yet.

    Seriously Casey, many thanks for all the fine work you've done; for making it easy, for making it a pleasure. Good luck, and all the best towards your future achievements!
    Casey leaving?!?! Huh. Wait, lock the doors! No, can't happen!
    Well, ok, maybe. only if he is doing something he REALLY wants to do and he will be happy...

    Thank you so much, Casey, for being who you are! Pursue your dreams and visit us on the forum when you can!

    Ego in Black, Steel, Wasabi, Empire Builder in Black, Black, Sapphire (Husband), 2 Brain Cells (Black), 2 Medium Cafe Bags - 1 in Black, Wasabi & 1 in Navy, Cayenne, 2 Large Cafe bags w/Absolute Straps - 1 in Linen, Olive and 1 in Cocoa, Wasabi, Guardian Dual Function Light & Lots of pouches!

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