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    Originally posted by tostka
    I did a longish commentary with pictures over at notebookforums:
    Cool review. Could we link to it on the Super Ego page?
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    How big IS the SuperEgo bag?

    I currently use the RoadWired Mega Media bag. It holds a lot of stuff, but I'm always looking to improve.

    So, how big IS the SuperEgo bag? I'd need to carry the BrainCell 4 to house my laptop. Is that all that will fit in the zippered laptop compartment of the SuperEgo?

    I understand there is an outside compartment on the back of the SuperEgo for files -- how thick a stack will that hold?

    How much stuff will the "compartments" under the flap hold?

    I've read the dimensions on the website, and length and height are bigger than the RoadWired bag, but it's hard to tell about depth. The printed depth for the SuperEgo is smaller that my RoadWired bag, but I'm measuring the RoadWired bag fully stuffed, so I don't know how that affects the comparison.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Originally posted by Darcy
    Cool review. Could we link to it on the Super Ego page?

    Sorry, I hadn't been back to the forum since my prior post... Took awhile to see your request.

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    Well I've used the bag for awhile and I LOVE everything about it except one thing. The shoulder strap. Two things about it. I would like the option to be able to replace the strap with another one. Right now my bag with power supply, laptop, mouse, books etc weighs about 20 lbs. A more padded strap would be great. The other problem is some sort of a swivel on the strap. This would let me just throw the strap on my shoulder and let it work itself out. :-)

    But please, don't get me wrong, I LOVE THIS bag and would by it over again!


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    Two things:
    One, I completely agree with agfisher about the strap.
    Two, I would have posted an exhaustive review of the Super Ego when I first got it back in mid-April, but tostka did it for me. I have the Dell 9200, which is almost identical to tostka's 9300.

    So, the strap. The strap definitely gets twisted, which means I have to untwist it everytime I shoulder the bag. I have a TerraGrip shoulder strap on my 2XL Brain Cell (which my 9200 fits in perfectly, and in turn, fits the Super Ego perfectly), and love this strap. I just wish I could use it on the Super Ego itself. I would also love to have a cell/mp3 case that fits the Super Ego's strap; this would allow me to be more at peace with the Super Ego strap.

    BTW, I chose the Black/Steel/Wasabi color combination, and I have a Wasabi buckle (never used) and a Blue seat buckle strap. I love the 747 buckle, and the Wasabi interior is awesome because I love the color and it keeps the interior light enough to see way down inside. I will never have a dark color interior on any future bags again for this reason.

    Thanks for a great bag!

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