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    Brain cell suggestion

    I use the Brain Bag as my daily gear carrier but I have an Empire Builder for visiting clients. I just purchased a new 17" Macbook Pro unibody, and I need some Brain Cell advice:

    Should I get the horizontal Brain Cell for the Empire Builder (since the MBP will mainly be carried there) and occasionally slip it in the Brain Bag? Would it even fit ?? I know that the suspension system will not be used if carried vertically.

    Option 2 is to get a vertical Brain Cell and use it in the Empire Builder and occasionally in the Brain Bag. Again, would it fit in the Empire Builder?? A potential downside is that to get the computer out, you basically have to remove the brain cell.

    Thanks for the input...

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    I'd go with option one - get the Horizontal Brain Cell. You seem aware that the protection isn't as great if you use the Horizontal Brain Cell vertically, but it's still more protection than a simple padded sleeve. It will be somewhat of a pain to remove the laptop from the Brain Bag with the Horizontal Brain Cell, but if it's only occasionally, that might be OK with you. I hope this helps!
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    Darcy, thanks for the info. I purchased the Horizontal Brain Cell and will probably end up getting the vertical....

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