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    I've "Bihn" sighting...

    ...Tom Bihn bags around campus recently. I'd seen a couple of Cafe bags before, but yesterday as I was approaching a building, I saw a guy carrying what looked to be a nice bag. I got closer, and was (only moderately) surprised to see that it was a Tom Bihn bag, but not one that I recognized. It was a purple (Grape?) and black messenger bag, and it looked a bit like the ID with the zipper on the front flap in the purple section. The Tom Bihn tag suggested that it came from a previous generation of bags -- instead of the tag with the airplane logo, this tag was a small square tag that read "TOM BIHN" in white on black, with the "TOM" above the "BIHN". Does anyone know how old this bag might be? It was in great shape, so I was curious to get an age estimate!

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    I'm guessing 2000 thereabouts or earlier. I have a black Brain Bag from 2000 with "Tom Bihn" in white on black, but the words are side-by-side, with Port Angeles below.

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    Sounds like my Brain Bag is from about the same era. (Blue / black). I like the bag perfectly well, but I think the new logo is a notch or three above the old


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    Sounds like an early ID bag - made in our Port Angeles factory, circa 2000 - 2004.
    Glad you guys appreciate the new logo

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