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    I was given a K2 as a totally unexpected birthday gift late last month, and I love the thing. I do thing the screen could stand to be slightly larger, but the pictures I've seen of the DX make it seem almost too large to be something I could tote anywhere and everywhere (and ever since I got a cover for the thing, I don't leave the house without it.)

    I've currently got a Strange Dog Kindle cover, and it's worked out great. It doesn't add much bulk, snaps shut so I don't have to worry about it flopping open in my bag, and is protective enough that I can toss it in a Large Cafe Bag or the under-the-flap front pocket of the Super Ego without worrying about any kind of damage. The covers amount to one guy's part-time hobby, so they tend to be out of stock more than in, but they're also clearly designed by somebody who loves the product and put some thought into it. It is worth noting that he sews a leather strip into the spine of every cover, so even the straight-fabric covers do contain leather.

    A Tom Bihn Kindle case would certainly be welcome, though. The market is desperately short on read-in covers with personality and style. And I'd be curious to see if TB could come up to an alternative to the elastic or velcro solutions used by most covers out there.

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    I would also love a case for competitor's products such as Sony or maybe Apple in the future.

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    The only problem for me with the Sony 505 (which I have in addition to the Kindle 1) is that I use a cover with an integrated light that fits over the screen itself, so while I use a slipcase with the Kindle and read without any case or cover, the Sony needs its cover for the attached light.

    I doubt TB will want to have too many sizes and the cover for the Sony 505 is about an inch wider than the unit by itself. It's a tough call with so many variations with covers and covers with lights. Some may be willing to take their readers out of covers to put into a case, but I don't think most will.

    The reason I just keep my Kindle in the slipcase and read without a cover is that the covers I have (two) are both awkward to hold as I read. The Sony is more flexible or something and I don't have that trouble with it.

    (Keep in mind that this is a lot personal preference as well as a factor of my habits - most of my reading is during the day or in a well-lit space. If reading in bed, then I use the Sony or a Mighty Bright light with the Kindle.)

    And if there IS an Apple Tablet (or anything even close), I am so there.

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