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    One Large Cavity capability for Brain Bag?

    Hello, I @tombihn'ed this on Twitter earlier today but perhaps a topic better suited for the forum:

    I headed out to Best Buy today to pick up a new laptop. I brought along the Brain Bag, because it was the biggest backpack I had (I didn't think about the Aeronaut), thinking that I could buy the laptop, shove the box in the Brain Bag, and hop on the bus.

    Unfortunately, even though I bought a pretty small laptop (not as small as a netbook, but small!), the box seemed to be just a hair bigger than the bag would allow into one of the large compartments. I was sad.

    I thought about some other times when I was similarly sad, such as when lugging a package of bottled water, or other large items. I would have to somehow modify it to fit the BB, but I also thought, "What if the BB was modifiable so that the two compartments could turn into one large compartment if needed? Would it be doable, without sacrificing the integrity of the divider to a large degree? Is it even thinkable? Has anyone else ever wished for such an option?"

    And so I ask you, dear fellow forum people and TB Crew =D

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    I think the desire for a "magic" bag that expands or contracts to fit the current need of the owner is... universal. Let me know when you find one. =)
    I've got a 2XXLT H. Brain Cell (fits my H-P HDX18t like a glove), a Sapphire/Black Brain Bag with a matching Snake Charmer, a 2XL Vertical Soft Cell, a Sapphire wallet, a Size 4 H. Brain Cell for my wife's laptop and... a school boy's crush on Darcy

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    For big time shleeping you need to use the Aeronaut or a car!

    The box I got my printer from is as big as a shopping cart, a big one at that.

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