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Thread: baby carrier

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    baby carrier

    while we are working on the diaper bag, i wanted to suggest one more baby product - a tom bihn baby carrier!

    i carried my son in a BABYBJÍRN and it was great.

    there are other such products out there, but one with tom bihn styling, made with some of the fine fabrics and padded foams that tom bihn uses would make for a fantastic baby carrier!

    i can picture one in plum/wasabi - 1000 denier cordura lined with 500 denier cordura. or a crimson/steel - 1000 denier cordura lined with ultrasuede. add a thick cork stripe on the front of that for a little fun.

    i can just see the news headlines: march, 2009: tom bihn produces stylish baby carrier. december, 2009: birth rates reach an all time high.

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    Yes! Yes! Yes! Put me down for two for friends and family!
    ID (Black/Steel/Wasabi) w/ Q-AM strap,Large Cafe Bag (Olive/Wasabi), Small Cafe Bag (Olive, Cayenne. It may be a gift!) Clear Quarter Cube (my version of the snake charmer), an Olive clear organizer wallet, and a slew of strapeez.

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