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    dual orientation soft cell / brain cell?

    hi darcy, tom,

    i came across this at rei:

    their E-Wrap Computer Sleeve

    it is somewhat of a cross between a brain cell and a soft cell with the ability to open on two sides so that you can carry it horizontally or vertically.

    like the brain cell, it has handles for carrying and a pouch on the outside for adapters and other such things. however, it lacks the safety features of the brain cell.

    it is like the soft cell in terms of the safety it provides for your laptop. it is a little bulkier, but provides the external pocket and carry handles.

    i also can't speak for materials or construction quality. they are not terribly specific about the materials used, describing it as being made of nylon.

    i was wondering if tom could design the soft cell to be a dual orientation bag, able to open on two sides.

    would it also be possible for the brain cell without compromising the safety that the current design affords? we would need a double sided sling and memory foam on two sides, besides opening on two sides. we could do just one set of d-rings for the shoulder strap - the dual orientation design is to allow the bag to go in different bags (for example, to move it from the id to the smart alec). though, i am afraid a dual orientation approach to the brain cell would compromise on the safety it affords.

    what do you think?

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