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    Will the Super Ego Fit this?


    I travel very often for work and am looking for a bag to hold a specific base of items.

    I just got a booq boa L and while it fits everything it is too stiff and uncomfortable, plus only usable for travel. the boa L measurements are 20x15x8.5

    the superego is a bit smaller 17" x 14.5" x 6.75" but it also looks more flexible, which is great for when i dont have a laptop it can be used as a large messenger on daytrips. does the super-ego haev enough flexibility where it will conform a bit to the shape of your body?

    the 17 is fine as the 20" is too long. the 14.5" height is fine too. My only concern is the depth of 6.75"

    this is what i need to fit: 15" laptop in sleeve, sony a700 with 18-200 lens attached. toiletries bag, sunglasses in hard case, glasses in hard case, books, magazines, mp3, thin speakers, snaks/lunch bag, maybe a spare t-shirt

    the boa fits this with some room to spare. my main concern is the depth having enough room for the laptop in sleeve and being able to slide an slr in there.

    does anybody use this bag with these to items that fit safely adn well?

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    Hey Puddin, welcome to the forums. Check out this thread What do you carry in your bag?.

    There are a few of us that have listed the things we have in their Super Ego. There shouldn't be a problem for you in getting the stuff you listed in the bag with room to spare.

    For instance, the 15" laptop in a Brain Cell, magazines, lunch, and camera will fit (my only concern is how to secure the camera) in the main compartment. There's a front flap that can hold the toiletries bag, sunglasses, speakers, and mp3 player.

    Take a look at the other thread to see what some of us are able to fit inside the super ego. You'll be surprised at how efficient it is at holding your gear.
    Using a: Super Ego (Black, Steel, Wasabi) with seat belt strip (Wasabi), and alternate reflective Strip. Black BrainCell, Wasabi Snake Charmer, Cork Small Organizer Pouch, and Olive green medium organizer pouch.

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    cool thread. thanks.

    i ordered my super-ego last night and after i pack it up next week for a test run, ill post my list. and a picture

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