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    Considering Empire Builder...

    I'm looking into buying a new briefcase and it is essentially between the empire builder and a tumi. I notice that the empire building states it is 7inches deep. I am mostly concerned with the main pocket. In the main pocket, if I have my new macbook pro in the brain cell sleeve, how much room would that leave for legal files? Can anyone give an approximation? Thanks.

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    I am guessing I can get three or four Pro in brain cells in the main pocket but since I only have one......?
    I can get the Pro and a giant Toughbook CF-29 in with no problem and still get a few inches of files easily too.

    It is a much larger bag than it looks and seems.


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    If you need to carry more stuff with you than what will fit in an Empire Builder, you really need to stop carrying stuff and stay at your desk - for your own safety.
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    My husband can fit a 4 inch binder in with his brain cell. It isn't a MBP, either, it is much thicker than that.
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